Code of practice
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The principle of employment

Both ability and political integrity, Germany first, fair competition, merit-based training

Core concept

Honesty: We require employees to seek truth from facts, to the objective as the basis, the system as the yardstick, not personal interests, likes and dislikes, abide by their duties;

Norms: we hope that employees have a common behavior characteristics and work criteria, spontaneously constrain their own words and deeds and work habits, efficient implementation, common growth;

Innovation: We advocate employees have a strong sense of innovation, and constantly set a challenging goal, not only to product innovation, but also to service innovation, creative problem-solving;

Win-win: We look forward to all the constant people in good faith as the cornerstone of the standard as a standard to innovation as their responsibility, unity and friendship, share their experiences, skills, team members together to complete the goal, and ultimately win.